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Think about your most thrilling conversations. Those you’ve had at that dream dinner party, or in the most private moments with lasting friends or enduring loves. You ask questions that cut to the heart and soul and invite a deeper connection.

That’s exactly where we start—with questions that get you thinking about your work in new and exciting ways, questions that help you look at your world with fresh eyes. They’re questions that push you past the answers you’re used to giving.

At The Hilt, stories are our trade. We believe they’re the driving force behind the most vibrant brands and the most memorable campaigns. We’re a curious lot, excited by your ideals and moved by your aspirations. What’s your unique take on the world? How do you want to be valued? What about you surprises people? Your answers bring your true story into focus.

Who we're working with

It's one thing to love what you do. It's another to love who you're doing it for.

"Every man has his own patch of earth to cultivate. What's important is that he dig deep." Jose Saramago


It’s not just a retreat. It’s the freedom to be.


Committed to shareholders, innovation, and the Native way of life.


Ensuring success for young people through affordable Internet.


Providing cloud-delivered network solutions.



Building a new home for Seattle’s music community.



Creating visual solutions to unseen WiFi problems.

Next Steps Idaho

Preparing young Idahoans for college, work, and life.

Seattle Channel

Helping Seattleites discover their city through award winning programming.

Seattle Humane

A first-of-its-kind shelter and adoption center focused on animal health and happiness.


Amplifying the voice of Seattle’s public radio.

Town Hall

A stage for the city that buzzes with ideas and action.

The Valley School

Celebrating the power of childhood.

Washington State University

Advocating for higher education across Washington State.


Celebrating community and supporting Seattle’s young musicians.

Seattle Met

Celebrating 10 years at the heart of the city.

Starbucks Reserve

Sharing a love of coffee and the stories behind the beans.

What We Do

Every day we get to do what we love most

In the world of creative agencies, there’s no shortage of good ideas. But an idea is not a story. An idea is the spark, a general notion. Yet ideas alone lack the richness and depth to rouse memories or stir emotion. So we don’t stop at good—or even great—ideas. Success or failure rides on unlocking and shaping the stories behind those ideas. And getting there requires a closer look.

Strategy & Storytelling Brand development

  • Audience Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Narrative
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Voice & Vocabulary
  • Storytelling
  • Naming

Moments & Experiences Design, collateral, web

  • Logos
  • Touchpoint & Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Packaging Design
  • Publications and Annual Reports

Activation Campaigns and advertising

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Launch
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing

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About Us

We love who we work with.


Ben Krokower

Technology Director

A bike touring, brisket smoking super dad navigates a vast expanse of technologies to deliver practical, powerful solutions that impact the real world.

Systems architecture, technology management, strategy and operations


Arnold Phommavong

Art Director

A magical idealist of tiny proportions on a quest to distill brand clutter into simplicity and purity—one pixel at a time.

Strategy, branding, print and web design


Devin Crandall

Front-end Developer

A quippy, stylish dad wields code like a machete to transform ideas into reality, tagging content like a boss.

Web, interactive, responsive design, CMS implentation


Mary Mencke

Director of Design & Production

A coffee-loving early bird whips project details into organized timelines to keep the work flowing.

Project coordination, workflow and timeline management

Rebecca Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Copy Director

A noted meatball enthusiast takes the Liam Neeson approach to good copy: she will find your audience and she will write for it.

Content strategy, audience engagement, copywriting

Emily Owens

Emily Owens

Account Manager

A dad-joke-loving Alaskan strengthens client relationships by shrugging off confusion and buzzing her way through complex projects before finishing her night with a good book and a glass of malbec.

Account management, project planning and coordination

Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

Digital Marketing Director

A sometimes self-deprecating master of digital marketing dark arts finds time between all-inclusive resort stays to shovel heaps of impressions on the pile.

SEO, SEM and strategy


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